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EX20 9BF.

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North Dartmoor Search and Rescue – Trustees awarded the group a grant of £10,000 to contribute to a new control vehicle.

Okehampton Flyers – Trustees awarded a grant of £15,000 to purchase new equipment for the club.

Torridge, Mid and West Devon Citizens Advice – Trustees have supported the organisation to provide additional advice sessions in Okehampton for over 10 years.

Adventure 7 – Was started in 2016 by the Rotary Club of Okehampton and has been funded by Trustees since, most recently in 2023.

Okehampton Inaugural Bookfest – was awarded a small grant to support the event in 2023.

Okehampton United Charities 150th Anniversary – Okehampton Town Council, 400 years of Town Charter. Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council 125th Anniversary. Okehampton United Charities 150th Anniversary. Mayor (Allenton Fisher) Chair (Brian Wood) and Clerk (Karen Percival) cutting their individual anniversary cakes.

Welcome to Okehampton United Charities

Okehampton United Charity was created in 1873 to manage a number of land holdings in the Okehampton area. Its income was used to provide general charitable benefits in the Okehampton and its four Hamlets. In 1910 a separate charity, Okehampton Educational Foundation was created to provide educational benefits in the same area. Sales of land for development in 2001 and 2005 have created an investment fund which provides a substantial income. For more detailed history please visit Okehampton United Charity – A Past History

Annual Report and Financial Statements – 2022

The recently published Annual Report and Financial Statements for Okehampton United Charity ‘202686’  show grants of £322,705 were awarded to local organisations in 2022.
If you would like to view the Annual Report and Financial Statements for Okehampton United Charity please click on the following links ‘OUC Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022’. Also available to be read in conjunction with the Trustees Annual Reports is a Summary of Scheme rules and 2022 allocations which is available by following the following link ‘Summary of Scheme Rules and 2022 Allocations‘.